Researcher Road Trip Application

    APRA-NY will offer a qualified member a "Road Trip" learning opportunity to visit another Development Researcher/Analyst to talk shop. APRA-NY will provide up to $300.00 prior to the trip for travel expenses (hotel for one night's stay, gas and meals.)

    Eligibility Requirements:

    The applicant must be an APRA-NY member for one or more year(s). 

    The applicant must complete and submit the below form to APRA-NY Board members. 

    The APRA-NY Board will review and select the recipient. The recipient will be announced at the Spring Conference (or, if the Spring Conference has passed, by email) as well as emailed to the membership. 

    Receipts must be submitted and any unspent money returned to Patti Whitford, and/or Treasurer, Beverly Denninger within three weeks after the road trip. Make checks payable to APRA-NY. 

    The recipient must submit a contact report to APRA-NY within three weeks after the road trip noting the following:

    1. Who was visited?

    2. What was the objective for the visit?

    3. What did you learn?

    4. What was the most valuable information you learned?

    An APRA-NY Board member may want to interview you about your "Road Trip" and write an article about your experience for the chapter newsletter. Part or all of your contact report, including quotes, may be printed within this article. The contact report about the visit and the article for the newsletter will be shared with the host researcher prior to publication for his or her approval. 

    Optional: Return the favor! Offer to host a development researcher(s) to visit your office to talk shop.