Nominations for 2021 APRA Awards Open

    The 2021 Apra Awards are currently open for submission and the deadline to nominate is Monday, April 5, 2021. 

    Apra has four awards to recognize excellence in prospect development:

    • 2021 Apra Scholarship: Ensures accessibility to educational programming by awarding a scholarship to a prospect development professional based on financial need and professional merit. The Apra Scholarship covers the costs of conference registration, accommodation (up to four nights) and travel expenses (not to exceed U.S. $1,000), plus a one-year membership with Apra International.

    • 2021 Apra Distinguished Service Award: Honors an individual who has enhanced both the prospect development profession and Apra through exceptional contributions beyond his/her daily paid work. Funded by the Apra Foundation. Self-nominations are permitted.

    • 2021 Apra Professional of the Year Award: Recognizes an outstanding prospect development professional who has made a significant positive impact on his or her organization's success in fulfilling its mission. The Apra Professional of the Year award recipient receives a full complimentary conference registration and accommodations.

    • 2021 Apra Margaret Fuhry Award: Celebrates an Apra member based on his or her leadership, mentorship, volunteerism and dedication to professional development. Funded by the Apra Foundation. The Margaret Fuhry Award grants a full conference scholarship, including registration, transportation and hotel accommodations.

    Following a year of unprecedented changes, don't miss this opportunity to honor a peer, colleague (or even yourself!) for their hard work and dedication.

    Nominations are accepted online here:

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