Skill Sharing Program

    The Skill Sharing Program offers APRA-NY members free one-on-one learning opportunities through email and phone. This program is designed to get members in need headed in the right direction, not lead them every step of the way.  Volunteer teachers offer a particular expertise to members who are in need of learning.  Through the Skill Sharing Liaison, the student is introduced to the teacher.  Teacher and student will have an initial conversation about expectations and agree upon date, time and method of communicating. Designated, uninterrupted learning sessions are held to a maximum of three one-hour meetings.

    Contact Patti Whitford for an introduction to a volunteer teacher.

    Topics include:

    • Budget Planning

    • Campaign Assessment

    • Campaign Planning

    • Contact Reports

    • Corporate Research

    • Data Mining (beginning)

    • Electronic Screenings

    • Freelance

    • Free Sources/Fee Sources

    • Foundation Research

    • Healthcare Research

    • Hiring

    • Mission Statement

    • Moves Management

    • Office (setting up a development research shop)

    • Parent Research

    • Predictive Modeling (beginning)

    • Presenting at Conferences


    • Privacy/FERPA

    • Private Company Assessment

    • Proactive Research

    • Prospect Management

    • Prospect Research

    • Profile Format

    • Ratings

    • Real Estate

    • Recency-Frequency-Monetary (beginning)

    • Reports (prospect management)

    • SEC Documents

    • Stock Holdings

    • Systems (Banner, Datatel, Raisers Edge, Black Baud, etc.)

    • Training

    • Wealth Indicators

    • Website